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A really good friend of ours, Andi,was in a near fatal car accident in Jan of 2006. Resulting in a titanium rod holding her leg together and many months bed ridden & in a wheel chair. She is faced with outrageous medical bills and is needing to have another surgery done to her leg. She has been auctioning off some wonderful & vintage personal items in hopes to get enough money for the upcoming surgery...
We at cuntfactory want to help & are asking all of you to help as well!!

So what we are doing is donating 50% of all profits (from all Cunt pillowcases sold)
to Andi in hopes to help out with bills for her upcoming surgery.!!
We also have a Donations button on our contacts (raccordements) page, this will be for [ALL -100% of] donations made will be given to her for medical bills. So come on everyone! if you can spare .50 cents, $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, any amount really will help-yes even .10 cents!, keep the donations coming! or purchase a pillow case- it's for a good cause & you'll sleep well knowing you did a good deed!! (or because you are face down on a cunt!-either way it's still nice!!)
Again, thank you all so much for yr support in the past & thank you in advance for any & all help !! CuntFactory loves you!!



Come check out the HandMade Revolution!
see flyer here

*** Thank you for those who came to the bazaar!! it was amazing! & Also thank you to those who came to San Diego's Rubber Rose! we had a blast there as well!

Bazaar Bizarre 2006 !!

We'll be back at the bazaar bizarre again this year just in time for all of yr holiday gift giving needs-- stay tuned or check out the bazaar bizarre webpage for more info! it will be in december at the shrine auditorium again....


** Check out The Rubber Rose in San Diego!

A brand new Sexuality Boutique now open in the beautiful San Diego! Cunt Factory is honored to have our product sold in this amazing sex positive shop !



** New Film from Power UP! **

**Look out for some of our products in the new Power UP! film "Itty Bitty Titty Committe" - it's in production right now- so keep an eye out !!







For years now everyone keeps asking when will I make more pillowcases. So here goes!
Back by popular demand- the Cunt Pillow Cases!

Thanks to everyone who purchased them in the past.






* Sorry for the mess....still under construction! Keep checking back soon!