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05.13.07 KUCI Benefit show: @ Detroit Bar : Costa Mesa, Ca Joy Shannon & the Beauty Marks,BlowUp Blow,Matt Death & the New Intellectuals,Refrigerator Mothers
03.09.07 Get yr Rocks Off! : the Scene Bar Glendale, Ca Level Seven, Phenik w/DJ Christopher (C&A)
02.10.07 Airliner : Lincoln Heights Hey Hey Mamas, Cherri Mob, Dialtone and Max
01.25.07 Club Butchin' LA White and The New Thrill Parade
12.07.06 Alex's Bar : Long Beach,ca The Thingz, Red Hearts, Geisha Girls
12.03.06 KUCI 88.9 FM - smoke signals from the burnpile with dj Cynthia Live on air KUCI.ORG / 88.9 FM
08.23.06 Silverlake Lounge: SilverLake,Ca Teddy's Cheer Club,Lyra,Mospeada
08.06.06 Part Time Punks @ The Echo : Echo Park,Ca Teenage Talking Cars
08.04.06 San Frangeles @ The Hear Gallery: Los Angeles, Ca Calls After Midnight, The Prix, Dirty Little Secret, Ric Rac Clothing Company
07.20.06 The Prospector : Long Beach, Ca eagle & talon & the ettes
07.02.06 CLUB JINX @ mountain bar: ChinaTown, Ca Que Sera !
06.02.06 The Hear Gallery: Los Angeles, CA Sexy Time Explosion
05.27.06 The Prospector : Long Beach, Ca BiPolar Bear, Matachine, telomere repair
05.26.06 The Hear Gallery: Cigarettes & Alcohol The Pacific, The Bentleys, The Monolators
05.22.06 The Scene Bar: Glendale, Ca Traeh, Behind Her Back
04.26.06 Club Fusion @ bar 107 Club Fusion !
09.17.05 Hang the DJ's @ The Echo : Silverlake, Ca Hang The Dj's 2 year anniversary party!
07.29.05 The Scene Bar: Glendale, Ca Lyra, Los Abandoned
07.25.05 Club Pussy Whipped @The Parlour: West Hollywood,CA -
07.18.05 Detroit Bar: Costa Mesa Radio Vago
07.17.05 Alex's Bar : Long Beach, CA Von Iva, Sexytime Explosion
07.16.05 LADY FEST S.D.: San Diego, CA With the Kickers(Montreal),Shevil Kanevil, Lozen,sharp ease
07.01.05 HEAR Art Gallery : Echo Park, CA With Hidden, Cebollitas Bonitas, Dj's Cody, Jette, Caroline...
06.18.05 El Centro Cultural de Mexico : Santa Ana, Ca Slow,Ism,Rusty Like,Dead Humming Birds,Scott Keltic Knott- BENEFIT FOR THE WOMEN OF JUAREZ!
06.16.05 F.I.2 : Long Beach, Ca BlowUpBlow,the new fidelity
05.26.05 The Anarchy Library: Downey, Ca Orphan,Third Grade Scuffle,The Ride
05.15.05 OutCry! : UCLA, Los Angeles, Ca OutCry! with NebLuv, D.Lo, Sarah Dougher,Lynn Breedlove,The Miracle Whips....
5.12.05 Take Back The Night march:UCLA, CA Take Back The Night! with Sacred Dice
04.27.05 Taking Back the Mic / Benefit for Feminist Coalition UCR 501 waterman, Phoenix and the Turtle, Clair Gmur,sloppy son & many more...
04.26.05 Taco Beach, Long Beach, CA Exit Plan had Residency and invited us to join! Thanks Ryan!
01.08.05 Rock N Roll Camp for Girls Benefit: Riverside, CA All or Nothing HC,Willowz,A Tear Sheds, Castration Anxiety, Holy Hydraulics, Hitchhikers,Scandelles-- we helped raise over $1,200 !! thanks everyone!
01.07.05 Spaceland : SilverLake, CA Silent Gray, Divided Lines, Sterile Eden
01.05.05 DiPiazza's : Long Beach, CA Banyan, Chase Frank, sixty watt kid
12.18.04 Indie/Punkmas: Center For the Arts : Eagle Rock, CA Addicted2Fiction,XO,This is Revenge
11.13.04 GODS & MONSTERS: Downtown LA, CA Music:Sterile Eden,Silent Gray, Anti Quark,Glass Candy, and the infamous DJ Paulie : ART:Vivace,Kricket,Jesse Trejo,Jason Maloney,MORE : FASHION: Lady Sir & Her,PolkaDot Starfish,Jon Sannicolas,Robotscrew2,JackBlue
10.22.04 L-Train @ el cid : Silverlake, CA Kissing Tigers, BlowUpBlow, and the infamous DJ Paulie
10.19.04 Detroit Bar : Costa Mesa, CA ZILPA ART COLLECTIVE. Feat: Ping, The Ten Percenters, dozens of artists
07.31.04 LadyFest Bay Area: San Francisco, CA All Girl Summer Fun Band, Tartuffi, Tammi Hart,Veronica LipGloss and the Evil Eyes...
06.19.04 Hang the Dj's: Echo Park, CA all girl dj event! with the lost and found
06.01.04 The Key Club: West Hollywood, CA American Eyes,Killingtons,Mean Reds & DJ Paulie! for Ruby Tuesdays-hosted by indie 103.1 & Filter Magazine.
05.26.04 UCLA: Los Angeles, CA "OUTCRY":queer women's music & arts festival @ UCLA with :claudia rodriguez, the quails, scream club, A2F, dred, and quiz
05.23.04 The Knitting Factory: Hollywood, CA Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches) and The Butchies
04.16.04 51 Buckingham : Pomona, CA EavesDrop,Cougar,Body,Dreams Go Disco,dj Paulie
04.13.04 The Casbah : San Diego, CA the Prids, 50 Footwave (feat. Kristin Hersh)
04.10.04 The Scene : Glendale, CA Addicted2Fiction, The Prids (portland,or)
03.23.04 El Cid : Silverlake, CA Willowz,Viva K, Shoot Out The Lights,The Main Frame
03.13.04 Hangar 1018 : Downtown LA, CA [ Nuclear Winter ] The Main Frame,Ashbury,Sterile Eden / Art & Fashion show.
01.16.04 924 Gilman st : Berkeley, CA The Velvet teen,The Plus Ones, Addicted2Fiction, Four Days Late
01.09.04 L Train @ the scene : Glendale, CA Iamloved, Addicted2Fiction, NewCollapse(canceled)
12.12.03 L Train @ the scene : Glendale, CA The Blood Arm, King Cheetah, Terrazzo
11.08.03 GALLERY 789 : Costa Mesa, CA Steril Eden,The Red Lights, The Flying Saucers,Matamachine
10.05.03 SPACELAND : Silverlake, CA Kill Me Tomorrow, The Boy Explodes, Sixteens
09.12.03 L Train @ the scene : Glendale, CA Veronica Lipgloss & the evil eyes, bubble gum blue girl
08.30.03 JUVEE -LET'S GET RID OF LA RECORD RELEASE: Silverlake, CA Record Release show: Miracle Chosuke, The Orphans,The Fuse!
08.16.03 Club Drive! one year anniversary: Glendale, CA One Year Anniversary party with December Stars
07.05.03 The Knitting Factory : Hollywood CA - SCUTTERFEST ! Riot a go go,Scream club, Terrazzo, Boyskout, IamLoved
06.25.03 The Knitting Factory : Hollywood CA All Girl Summer Fun Band, The Thermals
06.07.03 The Scene: Glendale CA The Main Frame

Club Trouble @ The Echo : Los Angeles CA

I Am Loved

05.20.03 The Fold @ Silverlake Lounge : Los Angeles CA Les Baton Rouge, Bonfire Madigan, Midnight Movies
05.15.03 Detroit Bar : Costa Mesa CA Players Club
05.05.03 David Henry Hwang Theatre : Los Angeles CA  
04.17.03 Cal State LA : Los Angeles CA (Take Back The Night benefit)  
04.05.03 Que Sera : Long Beach Carla Holden, Angie Evans, Buzz Kill Antectode
03.28.03 Hemlock Tavern : San Francisco CA The Circuit Side, The Vanishing
03.26.03 The Blackbird : Portland OR Half Seas Over, The King Cobra, Tara Jane O'Neil
03.25.03 Club CAKE @ Hall of the Woods : Olympia WA Madame Morte, The Circuit Side
03.24.03 Meow Meow : Portland OR Half Seas Over, The Circuit Side
03.22.03 Bottom of the Hill : San Francisco CA The Circuit Side, The Helio Sequence, The Magic Magician
03.21.03 Che Cafe : San Diego CA Ithaca, The Color Turning, The Circuit Side
03.20.03 The Troubadour : Los Angeles CA The Circuit Side, Radio Vago
03.13.03 Hamburger Mary's : Long Beach CA  
02/07/03 Que Sera : Long Beach CA Mercs, Fuckmeups
02/06/03 The Smell : Los Angeles CA Business Lady, Living Science Foundation, King Cheetah
01/30/03 Alterknit Lounge @ The Knitting Factory : Hollywood CA Boyskout, The Circuit Side
01/24/03 KUCI @ University of California at Irvine : Irvine CA - Chris Ziegler's show "Are You Too Late for the Trend?" click on the "Are You Too Late for the Trend" link to listen to the archived show
01/23/03 Alterknit Lounge @ The Knitting Factory : Hollywood CA Dance Disaster Movement, Kill Me Tomorrow
01/16/03 Alterknit Lounge @ The Knitting Factory : Hollywood CA Sharp Ease
01/09/03 Alterknit Lounge @ The Knitting Factory : Hollywood CA The Rattlesnakes
01/02/03 Alterknit Lounge @ The Knitting Factory : Hollywood CA The Living Science Foundation
12/28/02 Lestat's : San Diego CA Carrie Incognita

Lafayette Community Center : Los Angeles CA
(Luna Sol Collective benefit)

Dead Banana Ladies, Sugar Puss, Holokaust, Over The Counter Intelligence
12/19/02 Lava Lounge : Los Angeles CA  
12/10/02 The Smell : Los Angeles CA The Roots of Orchis, 90 Day Men
12/06/02 Que Sera : Long Beach CA Sugar Puss
11/13/02 The Garage : Los Angeles CA  
11/11/02 Ladyfest Los Angeles : Los Angeles CA Jenny Alpert, Black Cat Mafia, Squeak Toy, Tamaras, My Barbarian, Tamala Poljak, The Sharpease, Vanity Press, Quiverfish, 3rd Grade Teacher, Fireants
11/09/02 Che Cafe : San Diego CA Sextional, The Haggard, Bonfire Madigan
10/10/02 The Derby : Los Angeles CA The Circuit Side, The Party of Helicopters, Hella
09/29/02 Homo A Go Go Festival : Olympia WA The Haggard, Polkadot Chokealot, Mirah
09/26/02 The Liquid Den : Huntington Beach CA The Nervous Return, The Rolling Blackouts
09.22.02 The Smell : Los Angeles CA Katie the Pest, The Bangs
08/25/02 Spaceland : Los Angeles CA Maps to Great Speed, The Circuit Side
08/19/02 Che Cafe : San Diego CA Carrie Incognita, Delta Dart, Rachel Jacobs
08/17/02 Army of s/he Festival : San Diego CA The See Thru
07/31/02 The Fold @ Silverlake Lounge : Los Angeles CA Snake vs Wizard, The Rolling Blackouts, The Pinkz
07/28/02 Bigfoot Lodge : Los Angeles CA  
07/26/02 Ladyfest Bay Area : San Francisco CA Jymini, Tribe 8, The Gossip, The Donnas
07/19/02 CIA : North Hollywood CA Willard, The Von Steins
07/06/02 Que Sera : Long Beach CA The Excessories, The Epoxies
07/03/02 The Smell : Los Angeles CA Holy Fallout, Tadpole, The Rattlesnakes
06/22/02 Dyke March : Los Angeles CA Jody Bleyle & Kate Schellenbach, Patsy
06/21/02 Scutterfest @ The Smell : Los Angeles CA

Deadlee, Brian Grillo, I am Loved, The Klutzs, Los Chunkys, The Mollybolts, Resist and Exsist, Rizzo

06/19/02 Spaceland : Los Angeles CA Miracle Chosuke, The Von Steins, The Records
06/17/02 KXLU @ Loyola Marymount University : Los Angeles CA Best Revenge
06/15/02 Sacred Grounds : San Pedro CA Juba, Crowns on 45, Patsy
05/17/02 The Knitting Factory : Los Angeles CA The Mighty Kegsmen, The Neptunas, The Invisible Men
05/13/02 Club Milk @ The Echo : Los Angeles CA  
04/28/02 Zen Sushi : Los Angeles CA

Sextional, Radio Vago

04/27/02 Mission Records : San Francisco CA Sextional, Radio Vago, Running Ragged
04/26/02 The Living Room : Santa Barbara CA Sextional, Radio Vago, Wolf Colonel
04/25/02 The Smell : Los Angeles CA Sextional, Rizzo, Wolf Colonel
04/19/02 Che Cafe : San Diego CA Radio Vago, The See Thru
04/11/02 The Smell : Los Angeles CA Miracle Chosuke, Alleged Gunmen, The Fuse!
04/04/02 The Garage : Los Angeles CA The Young Tomorrows, The Epoxies, Persephone's Bees
04/02/02 Headline Records : Los Angeles CA The Epoxies
03/27/02 KSPC @ Claremont University : Claremont CA  
03/01/02 CIA : North Hollywood CA EMA3
01/26/02 Que Sera : Long Beach CA Patsy
01/13/02 The Garage : Los Angeles CA EMA3, Smut Peddlers, Patsy
12/13/01 Club Milk @ Fais Do Do : Los Angeles CA LA's Radical Cheerleaders, Sweet Baby Jesus, Tadpole, Rizzo
12/09/01 The Smell : Los Angeles CA  
11/24/01 The Pink Box @ Que Sera : Long Beach CA Tadpole
11/08/01 The Garage : Los Angeles CA  
08/15/01 50 Bucks Gallery : Los Angeles CA Radio Vago, Crack, The Eyeliners
07/27/01 The Smell : Los Angeles CA Goodnight Moon, The Butchies
06/10/01 The Smell : Los Angeles CA Mollybolts, Evil Beaver, Radio Vago
05/16/00 Che Cafe : San Diego CA Em, Tracy & The Plastics, The Bangs
04/19/01 Koo's : Santa Ana CA Sissies, XBXRX
02/04/01 Koo's : Santa Ana CA Civet, Ack!, Invertigo, Kidsicle, Emily's Punk Band
10/06/00 Che Cafe : San Diego CA Dawn's Revenge, Le Tigre
10/05/00 Goodfellas : Rancho Cucamonga CA Sugarpuss
06/14/00 The Stardust : Downey CA The Mollybolts, Sugarpuss
11/03/99 The Coconut Teazser : Los Angeles CA Nice Kitty, The Little Deaths, Fighter D
10/29/99 Cal State University at Fullerton : Fullerton CA  
10/29/99 PCH Club : Wilmington CA (Food Not Bombs Benefit) Dirty Dirt & The Dirts, One Man Show Live, Life's Halt, Viral Index
09/16/99 Al's Bar : Los Angeles CA

The Centimeters, MeMeAmerica, The Automaticans,
The Need

08/28/99 CAPA Benefit (Coalition Against Police Brutatlity) : CA Kontra Attacque, Dissencion, Armistice, Firesign, Super Slave, The Out Sout, Social Conflict, Suburban Chaos, Battlefield Nightmare, Resist & Exist, Sugarpuss
08/12/99 The Coconut Teazser : Los Angeles CA Fighter D, Mates of State
03/31/99 Benefit for Battered Women: Sierra Madre,CA Honey Bunny, Sarcastic Bitch,Chinese Fire Drill
  there is a whole slew of shows missing - if anyone has old flyers /shows etc. please email us so we can post... it's much appreciated!! thanks!